We at Adeptek are using this free screen capture software. Let us know if you have came across any better, simpler software.

Step 1: Get the Software from the following link

Step 2: Install this software on your PC

After installation run the software “Screencast-o-matic”. Select the button “Use FREE Version”

Step 3: Keep the recording area SET to FULL Screen

Step 4: Recording the video.

  1.  After 3 seconds video will start recording your FULL SCREEN.
  2.  You can speak to PC and it will capture your voice as well.
  3.  Do the tasks which you want to capture in video and also speak so viewers can follow your actions.

When you are done with recording the video click DONE

Step 5: Click “Publish to Video File”

 Step 6: During publish select the Size as “HD Size (1280×720)” as this creates smaller video files.

Step 7: Once the file is fully saved your video is ready to be shared via email or OneDrive/Dropbox.