SharePoint Services

SharePoint development is our key expertise area.
We have successfully delivered various applications leveraging SharePoint to our global clients. Our team does not only posses in-depth technical expertise in SharePoint, but they are also well versed with the entire WDLC. Adeptek takes pride in using all leading support softwares to enhance the quality of our deliverables and making every project on-time with high quality. Let’s start building relationships to address your business issues and concerns and help you move forward in your business.


Our team of professionals specializes in SharePoint portal technology and our team is well versed with WDLC. Our expertise in offering multiple services also includes evaluation SharePoint portal application development. We provide complete support and technical knowledge to our client during the SharePoint application development which include crucial and critical areas of development and help in creating world class applications.


Our goal is to build and develop long-term solutions for our clients rather than just satisfying them with one-off projects. Simply put, when it comes to our clients, we’re in it for the long haul. Our SharePoint team does not only posses in depth technical expertise in SharePoint but also has qualities to make a successful delivery which includes practical experience. Let’s come together and start building long lasting relationship.

At Adeptek, we focus on several key SharePoint capabilities:

  • Leverage SharePoint’s Reporting Center for generating better report
  • Use Excel Web to store to publish them on web page using Excel Web Services
  • Use key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that communicates amount of progress made
  • Connect to external Data sources such as SAP and Seibel
  • Create dashboard to communicate and drive action and more..

Below are few areas in which SharePoint portal applications can be developed by us :

Automotive Sales and Marketing Super Market
Electric Companies Health Care Telecomm
Consumer Market Manufacturing Companies Software Companies


We also specialize in SharePoint Content Development, HTML Pages, Graphics and iPhone Mobile Website Development.

Please contact us for more details.