SharePoint Performance Builder

Your SharePoint environment may be one emergency away from costing your company.

Your organization’s SharePoint environment and all of its data may be at risk. Companies unfortunately
deal with unexpected and costly downtime because they didn’t take proactive steps to maintain their
SharePoint farms. With Adeptek’s SharePoint Performance Builder, we will do a complete inspection of
your servers in your company’s SharePoint farm. At the end of our evaluation, we will provide a report
on exactly what needs to be fixed to get your SharePoint environment up to industry standards.

Analyze your SharePoint environment so your staff can be more productive.

  • Security: Our experienced SharePoint team will assess security configurations, identify the risks in your current SharePoint environment and how you can address them.
  • Stability: Find out what patches and updates your SharePoint environment needs to stabilize and improve performance.
  • Updates: We will ensure your SharePoint environment is Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliant.
  • Search: We will help you improve your SharePoint’s indexing capabilities so your staff can quickly find business critical data wherever and whenever they need it.

Overview of Adeptek’s SharePoint Performance Builder

  • Perform analysis for up to 2 SharePoint servers
    • 1 application server and 1 database server
  • Supported SharePoint versions: SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010
  • The SharePoint Performance Builder takes on average just 1-2 week to complete